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Enameled Gold Fly Brooch


Take Possession

As the buyer, you are responsible for the pick up or shipment of the property you’ve purchased.

As a courtesy the auction house has made arrangements with a variety of third party shippers to provide shipping quotes for our buyers. Please note that shipping remains the responsibility of the buyer and we highly recommend getting quotes during preview week for large, fragile or heavy items so you can consider the shipping costs before bidding. Under no circumstances will the Auction House be held responsible for items entrusted to a third party shipper.

Shipping small items by common carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS): We have engaged shippers to pick up several times a week from the auction house. Our recommended shippers for small items are Masterpiece Shipping and The Flemington UPS Store. Once we receive your payment and the completed shipping form authorizing the release of your property to the shipper, we will add your lot(s) to the list for the next pick up. You will receive a shipping quote for your approval within 48 hours after the shipper has picked up your lot(s). If for any reason the quote is not acceptable to you, your property will be returned to the auction house so that you can make alternate arrangements.

Shipping larger items by freight: (for example: furniture, bulky or odd shaped items) that exceed allowable dimensions or weight restrictions of UPS, Fed Ex and similar carriers. The auction house can provide assistance in arranging for delivery by freight. Depending on the location, we can recommend a variety of third party shippers. We are also happy to work with the freight company of your choosing. Please keep in mind that delivery of these types of items can be an expensive proposition and we urge you to consider this before bidding. Please remember that it is your responsibility to pay for all deliveries.

Pick up at Rago’s: Hours for pick up are Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The shipping department closes each day from 11:30 – 1:30. The Auction House is closed on Federal holidays and on Mondays following two and three day auctions. We require 24 hours’ notice in advance of pick up. Please bring your own packing materials.  

Important Notes:
• Weekend pick ups are made by special arrangement and/or by appointment only.
• New Jersey sales tax of 7% must be added to your invoice when picking up merchandise unless you have a valid resale number on file.
• All property must be paid for and removed from Rago Arts & Auction Center within 15 business days of the auction. Unless special arrangements are agreed upon in writing before the sale. Storage fees are charged beginning on day 16. For more details see our Terms of Sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use one check to pay for the invoice and shipping charges?
We wish we could accommodate this, but payment for your invoice and shipping charges are two separate transactions. Once your invoice is paid, the shipping process begins. A separate credit card payment to the shipping company will be necessary.

Will I be charged tax for picking up the item at the Auction House?
A 7% New Jersey sales tax must be added to your invoice if you come to the auction house to pick up your property. This tax will be waived if you have a resale number. You must complete the proper documentation in order to avoid the sales tax charge.

Do I need to pay for insurance coverage for the items in shipment?
We highly recommend insuring your items for their full value during shipping. If you choose to waive the insurance coverage, we require a signed waiver from you stating that you accept full liability for any damage that may occur in shipment.

What happens if my item is damaged during shipment?
It is a rare occurrence, but if your item arrives damaged, you must keep all packaging materials. Notify the auction house immediately. Take photographs of the damage to the box as well as the item. A representative from the shipping company will make an appointment to come and inspect the damage and begin the claim process.

If you have any other questions about how to take possession of your property, please call Karen Davies at (609) 397-9374 or send her an e-mail.