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Estates & Trusts

Rago’s is the trusted partner of bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, heirs, family offices and other estate professionals seeking appraisal and auction services. Whether you are handling the disposition of a single piece of property or a large and varied estate, Rago’s offers access to a wealth of company resources:
• Appraisal with the intended use of reporting estate tax, estate planning, charitable contribution and valuing for insurance;
• Expert division of designated property into property for auction and property for donation or removal, guided by specialists versed in current markets;
• Competitive consignment rates, timely auction and outstanding sales results;
• Thorough reporting and efficient settlement;
• Accommodation with requisite deadlines;
• Coordination of the “broom cleaning” of a home or office.

Miriam Tucker is Rago’s Partner-in-Charge of Appraisal Services. Ms. Tucker is a member of the Appraisers Association of America. She holds an M.Ed. in Art and a M.B.A. from Columbia University. She will manage the appraisal and serve as your contact, working with select Rago specialists and leading independent appraisers chosen for their ability to provide authoritative evaluations for your specific type or property and assignment. If you would like to discuss engaging Rago’s to create an appraisal or valuation letter for you, please call her at 609.397.9374 or e-mail her here.